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The scholarly network Philosophie in der islamischen Welt der Moderne / Philosophy in the modern Middle East aims to further develop a still young research field in the German-speaking academic landscape as well as internationally. In the three years of funding by the DFG (2021-2024) [mehr …]

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Aspects of the Development of Modern Turkish Academic Philosophy

In two talks this concluding panel of the Lecture Series „Philosophizing in the Islamic Modern World. An Intercultural Perspective“ is devoted to Developements of Academic Philosophy in Modern Turkey. Zeynep Direk (Koç University, Istanbul) will discuss „The Ideal of Turkish Modernity in Turkish Philosophical Humanism“ followed by a presentation of Christoph Herzog (University of Bamberg) which will be focussing „On the Institutionalization of Academic Philosophy in the Republic of Turkey (1930s to 1970s).


Roman Seidel Kata Moser Sarhan Dhouib Urs Gösken Christoph Herzog Enur Imeri Carool Kersten Mansooreh Khalilizand Anke von Kügelgen Reza Pourjavady Nils Riecken Lorella Ventura Harald Viersen Sevinç Yasargil

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Ibn Rushd Lecture – Deconstructing Authoritarianism? German-Arabic Perspectives

Sarhan Dhouib will present the three volumes of the series „Experiences of Injustice in Transcultural Perspective“ as part of the Ibn Rushd Lectures, discussing, among other things, the critical function of philosophy in general and in authoritarian states in particular, and how criticism can be formulated and expressed under authoritarian circumstances. (Event in Arabic and German)

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Dynamik des Seins. Aktuelle Perspektiven auf Ontologie in Iran. Aufzeichnung jetzt Online

Die Aufzeichnung der Vorlesung „Dynamik des Seins. Aktuelle Perspektiven auf Ontologie in Iran“, die Roman Seidel und Mansooreh Khalilizand im Rahmen der von der Wiener Gesellschaft für Interkultuerelle Philosophie und dem Netzwerk „Philosphie in der islamischen Welt der Moderne“ am Do 5.5.2022 gehalten haben, ist nun online verfügbar.