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The scholarly network Philosophie in der islamischen Welt der Moderne / Philosophy in the modern Middle East aims to further develop a still young research field in the German-speaking academic landscape as well as internationally. In the three years of funding by the DFG (2021-2024) [mehr …]


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A Figurative Feminist Revolution in Iran

Through their courageous protest actions, women and girls in Iran produce images that continue to animate the protests. How is this revolution of images related to the liberation of bodies and the nature of the revolt, which is already being called a feminist revolution? The author of an article entitled “Figuring a Women’s Revolution: Bodies Interacting with their Images”, who published it under the penname “L” on the feminist website “” approaches this question – based on her own experience in the first days of the protests – in a phenomenological reflection. We provide the first German translation of this important text in the German section of our website.