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The scholarly network Philosophie in der islamischen Welt der Moderne / Philosophy in the modern Middle East aims to further develop a still young research field in the German-speaking academic landscape as well as internationally. In the three years of funding by the DFG (2021-2024) [mehr …]

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Dynamics of Being. Contemporary Perspectives on Ontology in Iran

This panel is devoted to aspects of metaphysics in contemporary Iran. An introductory overview will focus on the context, basic ideas and meaning of Molla Sadra’s Philosphy in Iran today. The following presentation will outline the main lines of Ṣadrā’s thought, as well as some of his core concepts, explore the innovative nature of his philosophical system and discuss how central Islamic concepts – Allah, Qur’an, creation – undergo a radical philosophical transformation.


Roman Seidel Kata Moser Sarhan Dhouib Urs Gösken Christoph Herzog Enur Imeri Carool Kersten Mansooreh Khalilizand Anke von Kügelgen Reza Pourjavady Nils Riecken Lorella Ventura Harald Viersen Sevinç Yasargil

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Study on Islam and its Contemporary Significance

The as yet unpublished work “Studie über den Islam und seine gegenwärtige Bedeutung” (Study on Islam and its Contemporary Significance) , written by the Syrian philosopher Nayef Ballouz is now available as vol. 3 of the book series „Philosophy in the Modern Middle East” (Berlin: de Gruyter October 2021). Originally written in the 1980s the work is now accessible in the German translation by Alexander Flores.

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