The volume „Erinnerungen an Unrecht. Arabisch-deutsche Perspektiven“ (Memories of Injustice. Arab-German Perspectives) has been published by Velbrück in the title series „Unrechtserfahrung in transkultureller Perspektive“ (Experience of Injustice in Transcultural Perspective) edited by Sarhan Dhouib. The series aims to reflect on different experiences of injustice in the Arab-German context in an interdisciplinary way. Its contributions are devoted in three consecutive volumes to the thematic complexes of (1) Language and Dictatorship (2018), Memories of Injustice (2021), and Philosophizing in Dictatorship (2021/2).

The series emerged from the DAAD project Verantwortung, Gerechtigkeit und Erinnerungskultur (Responsibility, Justice, and Memory Culture), led by Sarhan Dhouib at the University of Kassel in the years 2013-2015. The 2018 volume “Sprache und Diktatur. Formen des Sprechens, Modi des Schweigens” (Language and Dictatorship Forms of Speaking, Modes of Silence) looks at how, under the conditions of a dictatorship or an authoritarian regime, a specific use of language emerges in which power relations are supported, subversively exposed, undermined, or offensively criticized. The now published volume „Erinnerungen an Unrecht. Arabisch-deutsche Perspektiven“ (Memories of Injustice. Arab-German Perspectives) is devoted to different forms of remembering and reflects on the opportunities and challenges of remembering injustice from philosophical, theological, social-theoretical, linguistic, cultural, and literary perspectives. A review by Sonja Hegasy acknowledges the contribution the volume makes to the transcultural understanding of the “works and interventions of the most important memory actors of the 20th and 21st centuries in North Africa, the Middle East, and divided Germany.” The third and final volume in the series will be published under the title Philosophieren in der Diktatur (Philosophizing in Dictatorship) by the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022.