Network News

Working meetings of the research network 2021-2024


In a series of working meetings the network will discuss different aspects of philosophy in the Modern Islamic World both from a thematic and methodological perspective. Furthermore, strategies to foster research and teaching in the field will be explored. At the heart of the network are three annual meetings with all members of the network as well as external guests, which provide additional impulses and also contribute to the international and interdisciplinary anchoring of the network. Following the annual meetings, additional meetings on a smaller scale, we call them retreats, building on the impulses from the annual meetings, are devoted to practical implementations and the development of concrete projects with regards to future research and study programs. An international conference to take place in 2024, to which the members of the network as well as selected guests will contribute, will conclude the funding period of the network.

The following presentation provides an overview of the working meetings:

  • Kick-off workshop, March 12-13, 2021, online.
  • First annual meeting on „Dis/entangling history/ies of philosophy/ies in the Modern Islamic World,“ August 19-20, 2021, FU-Berlin; followed by a retreat n.d.
  • Second annual meeting on metaphysics, Summer 2022, University of Göttingen; followed by a retreat n.d.
  • Third annual meeting on political philosophy, summer 2023, location n.d.; followed by a retreat n.d.
  • Final international conference, spring 2024, Berlin

Further information on the working meetings will be announced in due course.