Philosophizing in the Islamic Modern World. An Intercultural Perspective

by: Sarhan Dhouib

By philosophising in the Islamic world of modernity is meant primarily philosophy in its systematic and doctrinal diversity, which can only be understood in argumentative and conceptual engagement with various philosophical – Asian, Greek, European, African, North American and Latin American – traditions. Philosophy is thus not necessarily bound to a religious or cultural presupposition, but always emerges in an intercultural and global exchange.

The complexity of philosophical discourses from the 19th century to the present in Middle Eastern regions where modern Arabic, Ottoman-Turkish, Iranian, or South Asian languages are prevalent is presented in a volume recently edited by Anke vo Kügelgen and published by Schwabe (Basel/Berlin 2021).  As the fourth volume of the series “Philosophy in the Islamic World”  (ed. by Ulrich Rudolph), which is part of the project Outline of the History of Philosophy (ed. by Laurent Cesalli and Gerald Hartung in Schwabe Verlag), this foundational work provides the first comprehensive as well as profound historical account to philosophers and topics of these regions.

The lecture series “Philosophising in the Modern Islamic World. An Intercultural Perspective” ties in with this work and introduces aspects of this philosophical discourses based on debates on criticism, secularity, speculative realism and modernity in a systematic and intercultural perspective.

In four panels, the international panelists will turn interdisciplinarily and interculturally to various philosophical complexes of topics in the Arabic, Persian and Ottoman-Turkish language area and track down the possibility of global philosophising. The lectures will take place in zoom stream.


Dr. Sarhan Dhouib, research assistant at the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Hildesheim, Feodor Lynen scholarship holder of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

In cooperation with:
Philosophy in the Modern Islamic World ( Conduct Kata Moser (Universität Göttingen), Roman Seidel (FU-Berlin)

With the collaboration of:
Cristina Chițu, Employee at the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Vienna, board member of WiGiP.
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Schelkshorn, Director of the Institute for Intercultural Philosophy of Religion, President of WiGiP.

Lecturers and Dates

► 17th March, 7:00 pm CET via zoom (please register under: office(at)

Dr. Sarhan Dhouib (University of Hildesheim), Prof. em. Dr. Anke von Kügelgen (University of Bern): Kritikauffassungen in der arabischsprachigen Philosophie (DETAILS)

► 07th April, 7:00 pm CET via zoom (Bitte um Anmeldung/please register under: office(at)

Dr. Michael Frey (University of Bern), Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab (Doha Institute for Graduate Studies): Nassif Nassar über philosophische Unabhängigkeit und menschliche Freiheit (DETAILS)

05th May, 7:00 pm CET via zoom (please register under:

Dr. Mansooreh Khalilizand (University of Münster), Dr. Roman Seidel (Freie University of Berlin): Dynamik des Seins. Aktuelle Perspektiven auf Ontologie in Iran (DETAILS)

09th June, 7:00 pm CET via zoom (please register under: office(at)

Aspects of the Development of Modern Turkish Academic Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Zeynep Direk (Koç University, Istanbul): The Ideal of Turkish Modernity in Turkish Philosophical Humanism (DETAILS)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Herzog (University of Bamberg):On the Institutionalization of Academic Philosophy in the Republic of Turkey (1930s to 1970s) (DETAILS)