Women Life Freedom: Philosophies, Histories, Possibilities

This symposium, organized by Prof. Dr. Sayeh Meisami at the University of Dayton as an academic tribute to the Woman Life Freedom movement,  will explore the philosophical, historical and contemporary dimensions  and possibilities of the women’s human rights struggle in the Middle East, and its relationship with authoritarianism and decolonization.

Event Details

Date and Time

March 3, 2023

1:00-6:00 PM Eastern Time (USA and Canada)


Hybrid Location: Human Rights Center, Keller Hall

A Symposium sponsored by the Department of Philosophy, Human Rights Center, and the International Studies Program.

Please find the flyer with the QR code for registration attached. Registration is required for attending the event on Zoom. You can also use this link:

Symposium’s Website at Univ. of Dayton


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